About me, Barbara Hill

As a Project Manager for change

I do best in moving projects ahead since Change means adjustment and adapting from within. Means to

  • move into a space which may not feel comfortable at the start
  • deal with unease and concern as is to be expected during new times
  • embrace the journey so it feels like progress – improve how to go about your processes.

Having spent my own energy in business working hard in marketing and sales to fulfil customers´needs and make the numbers, I often longed for able resources to get on with what we needed quickly.

Assess the issue rapidly to offer support for progress

  • any team member needs to ask freely to get going with the task. To listen actively and feel confident to contribute value
  • taking the best from intercultural change offers flow during the process
  • enjoy the buzz to grasp the essence of how to best expand the client´s viewpoint



Once the journey starts you move ahead with support in whatever depth is needed