Project References

Some project work to date:

Customer Service system rollout for leading e-commerce player 

  • in this case rapid growth caused the need for standardised processes in each of the EU markets. IT systems were upgraded causing Changes in process so each team succeeded to align to act customer centric and use Best Practices to handle workload changes. Interactive workshops with online training were held for adoption.

 Healthcare Delivery for a regional Pharma player

  • new IT capability modules for the global customer relationship tool of choice. Successful management of cross-functional stakeholder alignment, requirement workshops and vendor selection. Stakeholder management and progress tracking along the decision-making process to ensure alignment.

Transport Communications

  • design and align product delivery inside a portfolio to upgrade an aging solution architecture so next Gen systems become modular. Engage with multidisciplinary teams to build rollout and decision-making across stakeholders. Establish governance and communicate the desired changed state to build alignment inside teams and use knowledge of scrum methods.