A snapshot of me


as a certified Project Manager and Scrummaster with real business experience I believe in

  • making space for Change in the mind as well as 
  • careful shaping of the desired situation for a real difference. 

Broad industry knowhow, intercultural savvy and common sense all matter.

Let´s discover the scope of your needs, so its a smooth Change we plan. It´s about assuring your success for the team and the strategy beyond tomorrow. 

So let´s get started – Change awaits …


My competence areas

as a Project Manager my industry background exposes me to companies of all kinds. Ideally I enjoy to work with multi-disciplined teams on standard processes as well as digital and new business fields in order for them to achieve progressive change by using their diverse skillsets and business knowledge.

Via an agile mindset we create short feedback loops and iterate the thinking to move ahead positively. This is where my scrumaster knowhow comes in well.