Case Studies on Change

ADKAR* – Attention, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement is an effective means to foster conscious change process over time in a structured context.

Other models exist like GROW**  or WOOP*** which frame simply how progress is set up to visualise the common path ahead with achievable actions. Currently agile thinking methods are in vogue with scrummaster techniques to promote short change cycles and self-organised teams.

We will decide together about your team needs to tailor it to their transformation. Some examples:


  • E-commerce retailer – leader in 13 countries from German HQ – IT System upgrade in Customer Service causes need for Teams to harmonise case handling and agree on centralised handling of business processes in EU.
  • Engineering – Customer Centre in European hub reorganises after acquisition -requires amended process handling and shared cross border responsibilities.
  • Transport Communication – Virtual Teams at two co-locations and the need for stronger cooperation during Product Development in order to maximise skillsets within each team for faster progress.

If the roles aren´t yet clear my expertise is available to define who will undertake which responsibility with onboarding and stakeholder briefings even as far as scoping job descriptions and any required selection processes.

Success occurs along the way with regular assessment loops so that the team members support each other via their joint buy-in and adoption takes place along the change journey.


*Prosci Inc

**Performance Consultants Intl

*** Gabriele Öttingen